Dirty Water Lindy Routine with Gordon Webster

Sometime in June, I had an idea to do a live Lindy performance at Boston’s first ever Dirty Water Lindy and Blues Exchange. I ran the idea by Shawn and Amanda from New School Swing, and then started by putting together a list of performers. We contacted Gordon Webster, a fantastic jazz musician slotted to play on Saturday night, and selected a fast and energetic tune called “Bill Bailey”. Nicole, Lee, and I split up the choreography duties and started rehearsals in early July. After a few months of rehearsals, we had a pretty badass routine. I am so proud of the end result!

Performers (left to right in the beginning):

Natalya Alissa
Alexandre Abdoulaev
Liz Markle
Lee Tucker
Micki Balder
Joe Rabinoff
Amanda Gruhl
Shawn Hershey
Nicole Zuckerman
Carl Hermann
Megan Damon
Martin Frechette
Julie Brown
Kevin Sihlanick



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