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2014 Finals – Midwest Lindy Fest – Jack & Jill
2014 Finals – Dirty Dozen Weekend – Mash-up Jack & Jill
2014 Finals – Boston Tea Party – Advanced Jack & Jill Lindy
2013 Finals –
Boston Tea Party – Advanced Jack & Jill Lindy
2012 1st place – International Lindy Hop Championships –  Open Strictly Lindy (with Javier Johnson)
2012 2nd place – Lindy500 – Open Jack & Jill Lindy (with YoungWoo Joh)
2012 Alternate – Boston Tea Party – Jack & Jill Balboa
2009 3rd place – American Lindy Hop Championships – Open Jack & Jill Lindy (with Eric Barbier)
2009 3rd place – Swingin’ New England – Strictly Lindy (with Alexandre Abdoulaev)

Other videos

Tranky Doo at Midwest Lindyfest
The Rock Step Lobstahs at ILHC
Open Lindy Strictly Finals  at ILHC – Spotlights

Open Lindy Strictly Finals at ILHC – Warmup
The Rockstep Lobstahs in Boston
Santa’s Little Helpers Charleston Routine
New School Swing Class Performance (students)
New School Swing and Gordon Webster perform “Bill Bailey”
Harlem Hobos Charleston Routine
Wicked 9s “Dispossessin’ Me”
“Creole Love Call” at bluesSHOUT
Wicked Nines Shim Sham at Blues Cafe 


Megan practically grew up with dance, having been started on a wholesome diet of tap, jazz, and ballet. In 2007, despite the vehement protestations of her friends and loved ones, Megan took her first class in Lindy Hop; Megan frequently likes to emphasize that she learned her first swingout directly from Frankie Manning, who instructed her to shake her “ba-boom” [sic.] as much as possible. Ever since then, Megan has been in and out of rehab, attempting unsuccessfully to beat her newly-formed addiction to all forms of swing dance. She has performed with Baltimore’s Fly Cats, Boston’s Wicked 9s, The Bees’ Knees of Boston, The Rockstep Lobtahs and was most recently an active performer and instructor of authentic jazz dance with New School Swing in Boston. Megan competes on a regular basis and won first place in the Open Strictly Lindy contest at the International Lindy Hop Championships in 2012. These days, Megan isn’t dancing much, but rather learning to surf in Costa Rica!




Above photo by Ben Hejkal


Above photos by Devon Rowland Photography


Megan and Javi at ILHC 2012

Megan and Javi at ILHC 2012


Lindy Hopping in Providence

Megan and Alex at Beantown 2012


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